Website Development

Web development refers to the front end development it includes processes like web design, content development, scripting of server and client side and of course the configuration on both sides. Now it may seem like an easy task but let me tell you your website speaks a lot about your services , your company’s vision , also helps to expand your business as they say nail it with your first impression and even if you are thinking that what if the website is not up to the mark so what, you are certainly destroying your own business let me tell you it’s era of digitisation who would go out and search and buy. When all they have to do is google to get things ordered, name it Flipkart, Amazon whatever is the need they certainly cater it. So having a good website is the need of the hour.

We at Instadevelop believe in giving your expressions and requirements a beautiful face through a perfect website. We are certainly here to help you in the best possible way, our main aim at instadevelop is customer satisfaction. We also understand how important it is to develop a website rightly since we know the competitive market we make sure that the website is bug-free, responsive, also search engine optimized, we also provide content writing services, we certainly are the helping hand you may require. We believe in delivering on time, as they say, time is money, your goals are also ours.

The key features that we focus on while building a website are as follows:

  1. Responsive web design We get maximum traffic from mobile phones so having a website that adapts perfectly well to all devices it is being used on is not a want, it is need of the hour.
  2. Search engine optimized Now, I may put up n number of things but if it is not optimized and is taking to long to load will my website too well, the answer is NO so again having a search engine optimized website is a need and greed of the hour.
  3. Content management systems (CMS)Changing times and changing are the needs so rather than worrying, manage your own content efficiently through CMS.So whatever changes you feel like, do it without any worries.

We at instadevelop technologies highly believe in innovation and creativity, we also understand the importance of proper usage of modern technologies with which we will give your dreams wings by developing the best-suited website at a very affordable price and help you transform your dreams to reality, that is also our vision. We make sure our designs are robust so it can adapt flexibly to the changing need of the hour. We certainly are the best in Dehradoon. We definitely provide the client with a prototype beforehand to get a deeper understanding of the requirements, customer satisfaction is our satisfaction and we will adhere to the plan of how it is supposed to be developed, also a rigorous testing is done before the finished website pops up , so we will leave no stone unturned.

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