Web Design

Now, you may see a design just as a visual aspect but it is way more than that it is also related to the essence of user experience, interactive interface, search optimized web and various other features, so the task is to build a beautiful yet intelligent web design.

Nowadays why is it important to have a good website?

  1. The answer is pretty simple to expand your business
  2. To get a better ranking in search engines, also to grasp the attention of the users.
  3. Your website says a lot about your vision and also the services it provides, as they say, dress to impress.

Now the question arises how can we judge that the web design is good enough or is lacking in some area? A good web design contains all these features make sure you have all of them.

  1. Responsive web design
    Nowadays a responsive design is a mandatory tool in web design it helps the web to adapt to all the devices it is being accessed, also it provides the advantage of creating a mobile-friendly website, as well as you just have to make certain changes in the CSS code and you will find to go for usability on any device like phones, tablets.
  2. Speed optimization
    As they say time and tide wait for none, who would like to wait so long for the website to load, that’s certainly is not happening, speed optimisation is essential for your web design the load time of a website should be as quick as possible also it is a very important parameter in search engine optimisation.
  3. Search engine backed web design
    Even if you design a new web, but it is not being searched or isn’t in the top search rankings of Google certainly your business will be losing a great deal, so having a search engine optimized web design is a must.
  4. Usage of modern web coding and web architecture so as to make it more interactive and up to date. Also, graphic design has the ability to personalize the visual impact as desired by the client.

We at instadevelop technologies believe in delivering the best we also have a specialised team of best web designers who will cater to all your demands within adequate time and affordable wages, we certainly are the best in Dehradun, our vision while designing the web is solemnly to think like what the client really requires, customer satisfaction is our priority.

We follow a certain pattern for web design and that is as follows:

  1. Understanding the needs of the client. As they say, your goals are our goals. This is somehow an integral part of designing.
  2. Planning how we can get your goals to be fulfilled that includes design phases and deadlines.
  3. Designing a prototype as per your requirements, so as to get a better understanding of your requirements.
  4. We at instadevelop technologies believe in leaving no stone unturned your goals are our goals.

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