It's the time you should STOP reading and START doing!


It's the time you should STOP reading and START doing!

Do you also get irritated when people ask you to find solutions to your life problems in some motivational books or suggest you read some book about how can you improve your business? We spend hours and hours reading and planning out things and thinking of how we can make it all perfect. Yes. we need to do that, knowledge is indeed priceless and it will help you in your life. But just knowing how things work, will not work out until and unless you go and start working on it. Here are a few you things you should definitely keep in mind while working on anything.

Don't follow others: People always ask you what are you reading nowadays or which youtuber /motivational speaker you are following? And it's totally okay if you are not reading the same as others and even if you are not reading at all. Just because something is helping them it is not necessary that it will help you out also. Always read out of curiosity and not as an obligation. Explore different authors, magazines, and genres to uncover your interests areas.

Deadlines are important: It's important to know that what you are working on and what are the deadlines of your work. For example, if you need to work on a project which has a deadline for say, 4 days then you should not spend 2 or 3 days reading about it. What you should do is research and read about it in a day and then making sure you have an ample amount of time to actually execute it. This gives you a lot of time to try and experiment with different things at a time.

Motivate yourself to work: When you have an idea or a plan you want to work on then stop making excuses. You really need to get out of your dream world where everything is so perfect because in reality you will have to face a lot of difficulties and you should gear up for doing it. Mental strength is said to be your biggest asset, so use it wisely and the more early you start doing it, better will be the results. Create your to-do lists and try to create achievable goals for yourself and work towards them. Manage your time efficiently and prioritize your time accordingly.

Now is the right time: Most of us waste time just in thinking is the time, right? So,if you are waiting for the perfect time it's already and the time you are waiting to look for a right moment you are just wasting it. It's an old proverb this is the sign you have been looking for So, just take whatever you have learned or read and just have it in your mind and execute it.

Just because you are the smartest person in the room, because you are reading all these books which explain to you how things will work, does not mean you are going to be successful. So instead of just reading, read something and take what you have read and applied it. No book or article can explain to you what is going to happen in your life. So just grab your learnings and work hard to make things work. Build your creative confidence and stop doubting yourself. Don't spend your life finding solutions in the books just go and explore the world and there you will learn the most important lessons of life.

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