How to Create an SEO Boosting XML Sitemap


How to Create an SEO Boosting XML Sitemap

Devising an SEO- boosting XML sitemap within a fraction of seconds.............wondering how???

Let us get into it...

First, let us comprehend about what SEO actually is-

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Now, you must be scratching your scalp inquisitively to unravel more about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its importance!!!

In this digital era, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process that is the reason behind the enhancement of all Websites or WebPages. Search Engines are like a single food magazine that comprises of recipes of all kinds of cuisines available under the sky. Impossible?? Not really!

Search Engine is quite similar to what I just said above. It provides us with all the information that we wish to gather, quickly and easily. The major Search Engines are Google, Yahoo, Bing. These are like saviors to us, provides results, wherein web pages or websites pop up and in a fraction of seconds, just one searchaway.

Ranking plays a very big factor in this. The high ranked websites arrive at the top and then others, simultaneously as per the ranking. Apart from that, it also helps in boosting the sales growth of business, branding visibility. It is even very cost-effective, requires less time and less effort. It has a unique ability to reach all coveted business goals.

SEO is a very good platform that even helps a small business optimize a faster, easier and user-friendly website. Thus, SEO is not only a search engine now, it is beyond that! It has become a dissoluble part of marketing which has given many positive results to the business. It has become a very important strategy in the genre of digital marketing for gaining attention and upraising popularity and brand value. In short, it gives a boost to business and it is like a boon to business.

Now let us know what is sitemap and why do we need it....?

A sitemap is an XML( Extensible Markup Language) file is a machine-readable format, understandable both by search engines and readers, that comprises of a webpage URLs.

It helps in locating a particular file with an ease. A sitemap is like a blessing in disguise for users. It helps in getting hold of information through search engines without stumbling upon. It is designed both for users and search engines to steer through any website.

Now, it is the time to get into the steps that will lead us to know, how to create a sitemap...?

It is not a big deal to create a sitemap, I will tell you!

If someone is a WordPress user-

All one can do is, download the Google XML Sitemaps Plug-in. This plug-in makes it easier to generate an XML sitemap only by activating it. After activation, once it gets generated, one can receive their sitemap address.

For instance:

If someone is a non WordPress user-

One can go to Online XML-Sitemaps generator tool. There they guide through the steps involved to implement a sitemap on a website. It is pretty easy too, like Google XML Sitemaps Plug-in. As we are well acquainted with SEO and Sitemaps simultaneously, now. How about knowing its magic when they both come together!!!

XML sitemaps allow search engines to go through and indexing of any website thoroughly so that the search engine gets notified about that website. It even allows webmasters to include additional information about the URLs like the date of update and its importance or link with other sites.

In gist, sitemaps help in the process of enhancement of the ranking of any website. If a website is a project then a sitemap is like a blueprint of that and each webpage is like each component of the project. The sitemap that enacts like a blueprint , that would help Google to find out the requirements for the project from the components that would build up the project into a dream work easily and smoothly.

From the above I meant to say ,XML( Extensible Mark-up Language) sitemap eases work for Google to locate pages in a website. Thus,XML( Extensible Mark-up Language) sitemaps and SEO are indissolubly linked to each other.XML helps in boosting SEO efforts.

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