How to Optimize My Site for Google Voice Search


How to Optimize My Site for Google Voice Search

Well, Google is the sure short answer.

Lazy bee? Tired of typing the entire query, voice search is the answer.

How about being the quick fix and being savvy with the answers then, it is definitely voice search on google.

Voice search is nothing but speaking your query over to google and getting back the answers as quickly as possible. Let us get a look at the technical aspect of voice search how does it work

The answer is Natural Language Processing. It is a process in artificial intelligence which is used to convert the high-level language to the binary level language, which the machine can understand. There are various phases involved in this process:

  1. Phonology
  2. Morphology
  3. Syntax
  4. Semantics
  5. Reasoning

Algorithms like Rank Brain are used in voice searches, it basically a machine learning algorithm which is used to translate the unique queries into mathematical vectors which, in turn uses the search patterns in the Google data pool, with every query it learns makes slight changes and adapts to the slight changes made. Well as quoted by Microsoft only 5.1% error rate in speech recognition,as well as speech recognition technology is three times faster in comparison to typing, in addition to that,20% searches made on mobile phones are voice search as you can see that the graph of voice search is expected to expand more and more. As quoted by Bill gates he would choose a lazy person over a hard-working one since the lazy being will find out the shortest way possible to do that task that is voice searches are way quicker compared to typed searches.

Perks of voice search are:

  1. Fast and efficient- You can get the correct and validate answers in like no time or like just in a jiffy.
  2. Multilingual- Now, this is the best thing, there is no constraint on the language you get what you desire. For instance, you speak in Hindi, the system will understand it, making it very flexible.
  3. Easy to Use- Generally, you can speak faster than you write as well. It is so humanly in its approach you get immediate responses too. It is so easy to use normally as well as for the disabled being.
  4. Helps in extending traffic to the relevant websites for the query that has been fired.
  5. It also helps to link with google maps and google assistant which indeed are very helpful.

Now, the question arises how can your website be in the top rankings of the query fired?

Search engine optimization is the answer.

There are some ways through which you could easily optimize your website

  1. Time to load the web page should be as fast as possible you know, as they say, time is money. If the website is so slow in it’s processing the user will immediately switch to another one.
  2. The average world count on the result page is expected to be around 2,312 words.
  3. Man is a social animal and socializing is an integral part of his life so it is essential that your content does well on social media. It is very important to engage online and comment on various posts.
  4. Snippets have rocked the searches they are generally on the top and are read out loud so it is important that the website focuses on conversational words, like how, why, where etc. A word of caution is that, snippets should not be longer in length they should be short and precise or you can say a small paragraph.
  5. Brushing up on the frequently asked questions is also important as generally voice searches are used locally, to get the nearest restaurant or something for this purpose you could easily use answer the public frequently asked.
  6. Making the use of lists will help make the website look more organized and attractive, as well as the flow will be maintained.
  7. Get your websites linked to other online directories that will help in grabbing traffic.
  8. Advertisements are often displayed at the top of the query fired they too are a great way to engage traffic.
  9. Lastly and most importantly on page optimization is required having brief and correctly detailed content and having precise meta descriptions for your website is very essential.


As they say, it is never too late to learn new things you can easily learn how to make your website more optimized so that you could easily increase your visitors, the best way is to think you are a visitor and accordingly make the desired changes.

The best way to network is through google since you can engage a long chain of users and also advertise your website and the best way is to get the chord with the rankings for the search made remember that your website should be sound with the techniques of search engine optimisation and search engine marketing surely you would be able to attain your desired path.

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