Benefits of digital marketing over the conventional marketing


Benefits of digital marketing over the conventional marketing

We all are accustomed to technology and have got the acuity to handle it, regardless of educational qualification. If we look at our contemporary generation, one who can read and write knows how to access the internet!!!

Technology has become a part and parcel of our lives, without which we cannot sustain.

We are literally breathing in a digital world and how can we not digitalize our methods of marketing, to give it a worldwide recognition.

Today a person partying in Washington DC, if suddenly opens Instagram to check how many views he has got for his story that he had put up with a hashtag dancing the night away. He can also view posts from other parts of the world, including promotional activities of movies, companies, brands.

Enough of beating around the bush, now let us check the benefits of digital marketing( we will discuss 5 benefits )

  1. It provides a wider reach of the audience including both national and international audience of all age group in a very short span. It helps in reaching the targeted audience. For example to market a baby food product the target audience will the parents as they have the purchasing power. In today’s scenario, most of the parents are working and it is very difficult for them to go to different shops and find for it. At the same time, they are skeptical and wants to provide the best for their babies. This digitalization has sorted their life for the better. Now they can easily opt the best for their babies by just surfing through.
  2. Cost of marketing is low and hazard free, unlike TV or print media. Digitally marketing is one of the most cost-effective methods and can be executed and used with an ease.
  3. Customer engagement i.e., the feedback that customers give, the likes, the dislikes of the customers. One thing that is very important to every business is their customers. Customers are the ones who make or break a business. It is very important to attract and persuade the customers and further gain their trust. The main motive of a business should be to meet the needs of their customers.
  4. It helps in analyzing the results digitally with an ease. It helps in the collection of data about the growth made by the business or loss if any. Being digitalized, it helps to get accurate data without any error within a click.
  5. Digitalization helps in keeping an eye on competitors moves. It helps in keeping one ahead of their competitors. It also benefits in learning innovative methods of campaigning from the competitors. It is always benefited when one never gives up to learn regardless of whom.

Above all the benefits of it will definitely enhance a company through not only sales but by its popularity through word of mouth and constant presence on social media.

Digitalization in marketing has been a boon to us since the late 1990s and early 2000s. I believe, since then it has been proving to be the most potential and effective method of marketing which helps in adding up more growth to sales.

Marketing has brought about huge innovation in its process than its traditional method where most things were done through print media i.e., putting up advertisements on newspapers, magazines, newsletters and other printed materials for distributing it. The most unapproachable part of traditional marketing is the cost. When campaigning in done through the newspaper, one has to keep a regular and constant presence in the mind of customers and for that advertisements has to be put up at a regular basis which is not so cost friendly. The cost of it is very high. Cost is the biggest factor in every business. A businessman will always try to get the best results at a very low cost. Thus, it is better not to opt for it!!!

Nowadays, digital marketing is in and it is all about how creatively well and persuasive the content is. The more persuasive and interesting, the more it will be sold like a hot cake!!!

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